Office 365

Two-Day Training Session

on Office 365 Administration with Security and Compliance

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Module 1: Provision Office 365 Tenant

√ Create Of?ice 365 tenant
√ Exploring different Of?ice 365 plans
√ DNS settings for Of?ice 365
√ Readiness and Connectivity Checks

Module 2: Networking in Office 365

√ Bandwidth recommendations for Office 365
√ Install Office with Office 365
√ Rights Management Policies with Office 365
√ Exploring the different admin roles

Module 3: Manage Users in Office 365

√ Add single and bulk users in Office 365
√ Assign licenses to the users
√ Create different Office 365 Groups
√ Connect Office 365 using PowerShell commands

Module 4: Monitor and Troubleshoot Office 365

√ Analyze different types of reports
√ Monitor service health
√ Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer (RCA)
√ Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365

Module 5: Security and Compliance

√ Managing alerts
√ Permissions
√ Threat management
√ Data governance
√ Investigation and Audit
√ Activity Reports
√ Service Assurance Documents